A Complete Guide to Buying Quality Jade Jewelry

Jade is one of the most coveted gemstones on the market due to its unique and distinct look and has been prized since ancient times. The high demand for this gemstone calls for extra caution when making a purchase as some unscrupulous individuals are taking advantage of unsuspecting buyers by ripping them off their hard-earned money. To avoid any pitfalls that come with buying jade jewelry, you may need to carry out extensive research on jade. Whether you intend to buy a jade pendant, bracelet, or bangle, below is a comprehensive guide for making an informed purchase.

One crucial tip to buying the right jade jewelry is to evaluate the jade in terms of color, transparency, clarity, and also texture. One quality indicator of jade is color. While the word jade is synonymous with the word green, the actual gemstone occurs in a range of rainbow colors and also black and white. However, the most coveted and valuable jade is a specific shade of green, with the lavender jade coming in second. When choosing your jade jewellery, you should look for strong vivid colors that are also vibrant and lively. To ensure that you are getting the right gem, you should view the stone under natural as well as artificial light. In regards to transparency, you can either settle on opaque or semi-transparent varieties, although the latter is more valuable and desirable due to their glowing appearance. When it comes to texture and clarity, you can either choose fine, medium, or coarse crystal sizes. For a smooth feel and glowing luster, the fine crystals would be an ideal option.

Secondly, you should consider the price and value of jade jewelry before making a purchase. Jade is an expensive gemstone and this is mainly attributed to its high demand globally. The price however depends on the quality of the stone as jadeite is more expensive than nephrite. With jadeite, even the slightest increase in size can significantly raise the price of the stone which is not the case with nephrite. You should, therefore, identify the type of jade you wish to buy and also how much you are willing to spend on the same. You can set a budget, and shop around and compare prices to find one that is most affordable for you. For value for your money, you should request a certificate of authenticity, especially when buying an expensive piece of jadeite as it will disclose the identified grade and authenticity of the stone. For more information, click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jade.

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